120 Diplomaterv és szakdolgozat angol és spanyol nyelven

Mai postánkból Dr. Mabel Alvarez jóvoltából hívhatju fel a figyelmet a következő forráshelyre:
"The document(s) 120 Theses, related to geospatial information, has been developed by the International Geospatial Society –IGS, www.igeoss.org.
The first version(s) of the document(s) "120 Theses", listing published and accessible (downloadable) MSc and PhD theses, are now available in the GSDI Geographic Information Knowledge Network (GIKnet). One document (31 pages) covers 57 theses in English, and the other covers 63 theses published in Spanish (208 pages). The Spanish document includes full abstracts of all theses, plus download links. The English document includes abstracts for some theses (not all) plus direct download links or links to the university or research institute sites from which the documents can be accessed.

To download the documents from the links below, you must be a registered user of the GIKnet. Registration is free and readers are encouraged to register at: http://www.giknet.org/join.php
If already a member or having joined GIKnet, after signing in, you can access the documents from these links:

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